Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hitting 2 months

So I've been in Denmark for about 2 months now, they time is passing so easily now I really cant believe its already been months since I left New Zealand. Its getting hard to drop some communication with home, and Im always talking about New Zealand as well. My birthday just passed, the Danish way of waking someone up on their bday was pretty damn awesome! My host family wandered into my room waving Danish flags (which they seem to have heaps of...) singing the danish Birthday song, which is (to be honest) sooo much cooler than the English one.. Then straight after breakfast was already prepared with heaps of presents on the table (prezzie eyes.jpg) I thought most of the presents were just decoration, but I was pleasantly surprised :D  and completly blown away with the presents I got from my host family ;)
It was also cool because I got a bunch of letters and gifts from home, including a All Blacks jersey :) which is awesome.
At the AFS camp a couple weeks ago, all the exchange students talked about their class and some of the stuff they do and I was like: BITCH PLEASE my class does way crazier shit than that! (cough..cough.. Philip.. Thomas..) My class has been really awesome even though I turned up at a funny time when there have been arguments, misunderstandings and heated discussions between my classmates. They have still accepted me into the class, and how did I do that? I made them cupcakes with Signe (a classmate) :D its like so important for them somehow..
Recently I lost my bike keys and Im only getting new ones later today, its like I've been handicapped for a week... Its impossible to do anything without it, I've been bothering my host sister, Julie to borrow hers. But finally I get my wheels back tonight :)
Overall this has been a great 2 months, I just need to make more time for learning Danish. I'm gonna start bothering my host family to help me with it more. But to be honest Im understanding a lot more than I ever thought I would after about 2 months, plus Ive already taught my (real) sister how to insult in Danish :D
Plus my host family are really cool and nice to me, I really need to make more time to spend with them. Its just hard sometimes because people come and go in the house so often and sit in their room with the door closed. Which I have gotten used to, but I constantly ask myself what they're getting out of my exchange and I can never think of much. Except prehaps their English is getting a lot better.

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