Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Next up on the exchange?

Ok so today i found out that i would be switching host families soon, I've been going back and forth about changing and finally came to a decison. So as I asked my support person to change, the next night my host parents told me that they wanted me to leave as well, lol. Yeah it was pretty funny and only a little awkward. I'm glad it ended happily enough.
I know that I really should be blogging more, and in Danish (haha) guess I'm just a little lazy with this type of thing. Either way I'm sure that these four months in Denmark have been some of the best of my life. This has pretty much been because my class of my class (2.d <3). I mean I get called names like imigrant, paki mostly by Jan... and Distgusting by Philip on a daily basis ;) just to keep things intresting i guess :P but then they get all touchy emotional about me being in Denmark when their a little drunk haha.
I've had this really annoying 'no drinking rule' with the Damborgs recently, dont ask me why...? but its still really awkward when my classmates actually want to drink with me. (especially Mia for some reason...?) haha. But now that im changing host familes its fair to assume that I can drink from now on, HEAR THAT GUYS?? i can Drink :D (not that its too important to me..)
So pretty much my entire exchange is about to change, with changing famlies and someone going back to Germany, I wonder how the next couple months will be...