Monday, January 23, 2012

Exchange buddies

And I met some amazing New Zealanders and Austrailians on the way, whom were awsome and kept me in line when I insulted the crappy Danish milk.. (believe me... shit) Exchange buddies are the best kind of buddies ;D I found that when in a country far from home, Aussies and Kiwis group up and make the most noise :@ And bleed together lolol

Into the frozen tundra

Arrived in Denmark all but a week ago, still with the sensation of jetlag..
My three day camp was the least tiring part of my trip in progress as everyone spoke english, the only mind boggler was the cold and driving on the right (wrong) :D side of the road. Still the living quarters were shit, I was almost happy to leave it every morning for a cold communal shower.... Almost :P
Really laxed trip on the train from Copenhagen to Kolding, which was nice but with the sad weather kinda dreary..
The people I've meet so far have had little respect for where they are on the world, Austria has already been described to me as boring and sad :@. Yeah I couldn't believe it! When I got off the train the station was empty, we then noticed a crowd of running people screaming around the corner, twas crack up.After a fast array of pictures being taken (seriously fast! I felt paparazzi'd) We rushed into the car, I don't know exactly why we rushed but what the hell :).
The following day was to be the critical tour of Kolding itself, wit Ida (my host mum). We went to the town square, and the Kolding castle, which was boss. I didnt get any pics tho cause my camera was screwing up :P But the walk around the castle with a semi frozen lake surrounding it, was Amazing!
 First day at school was intense, walking into the classroom and getting stared off. I did a little speech about New Zealand (including sheep of cource :D).
I must say I was expecting people to want to speak more English to me, either some people don't like me or are unsure of their English, either way only time will tell ><.
I'm constantly exhausted mostly from listening to a language I don't understand and jetlag. My host family are really great and include me by speaking English sometimes. Thats how i know people are talking to me, they swap to English :)