Thursday, September 20, 2012

3.d (shit just got real)

Haha this blog thing really didn't work out for me... 8 months in and I've only posted like 4 times. I can kinda speak Danish now I think. I think people are just getting used to understanding my retarded way of speaking the Danish language haha. When we first got back from the summer holidays, I was getting a lot of 'what?' and 'en gang til (one more time)', but people seem to be just going with what I say now :D  I really could be putting more effort into it right now, my effort peaked around 5 months into my exchange. I'm relying so much on learning Danish by just speaking it all the time.There are still a persistent few that still insist on speaking English to me, I don't give them shit about it though. Ditching English entirely as a language was never gonna be really possible in a country like Denmark. people have got it in their minds that I speak English and its time for all their English training to pay off :)
I think I've been here long enough to be able to say: I like Denmark :) and it would be really awesome to live here at one stage :D after I get the language completely down of course! Until you get that sorted, living in Denmark could be a very lonely affair. I'm not saying the Danes are bad at accepting foreign people into society, of course they feel more 'at home' with other Danish people. But of course I was given this impression coming in as an outsider, to a small country. I have to like Denmark mostly for the people! :) Danish teenagers are like the most trendy fashionably sensible bastards out there! They know what looks good and they somehow have the money to get it. Take my class for example, a couple of weeks ago in New York they were all pretty much going crazy with buying clothes. I was feeling embarrassed to be seen outside (in the same old clothes from Denmark), when all my classmates were rocking the American look! Nike shoes, blazers, Chuck Taylor's, Levis and more Nike shoes (seriously I was like the only one missing a big tick or an N on my shoes!).
New York was pretty amazing though, and aside from walking around with dead feet in the scorching sun was a blast. It was funny to be literally with my classmates 24/7 from getting on that plane in Copenhagen to getting back in Kolding, I learnt a lot about what the people in my class were really like :) Now we're back, and returning to normal life once again. It's getting colder too, and I'm still very much hoping that I will get some snow before I return to the warm tropics of New Zealand in December.
Here's hoping :D