Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What goes around comes around..

We all knew that this was coming, leaving was all part of the deal when becoming an exchange student. It's funny how leaving comes as such a big surprise even though we get an entire year to accept the fact that sooner or later we leave (We even know the date!).
I'm okay, even though the title I put up might make it seem otherwise.. I seriously can't believe how long its been and it hasn't gone fast at all, I've done more in this year than a bunch of my other years in New Zealand put together (even though this year involved practically no homework or school work whatsoever! :D) I've learnt in different ways though! ... I think.
The question that people keep asking me is of course: "Are you looking forward to coming home??" Now I think this question has hidden consequences in it. If I say "yes" that might mean that I don't want to be in Denmark anymore or that I didn't have a good enough year to want to stay longer. So I tend to just say "noooo" I would stay here for ever and ever if I could even though I really am a little excited to come home. It just sucks that it costs like 2000NZD's to get back here ( I would just be from the country that is the absolute furthest away from Denmark as it could be! haha) It's for this reason that I hate all of the exchange students from Europe, all they need to do is take a train or something for a couple Euros to get back to Denmark! So I guess that's one of the hardest things: I have to say goodbye to people I've known for a year knowing that I might not see them again for another 3-4 years (or possibly never).
Plus I'm not even sure how things are going to be back in New Zealand again, people are going to university so I kinda need to make a new life for myself again. But it's really sweet that I get home in the summer! holidays! (hah take that Danish winter ... ) That could be either really awesome or really rubbish for me.. If I can get a job I should be busy enough to keep me from just sleeping and playing xbox for a month, but because people are moving away I'm not sure if I'll even have friends to see.
Ah well thats for me to deal with muuuuch later :) Right now Denmark is awesome! With all the Christmas parties and goodbyes I have heaps to do. Plus I'm enjoying speaking Danish while I can, I don't think New Zealand is a great place to live if I want to speak Danish... But fuck it YOLO ( yes I just said that.. Deal with it!)
Happy last month exchange students! make it count! 

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