Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st couple weeks at school

Hope my classmates dont know about this blog.... haha. In Denmark you have one class for all of your subjects (yes almost like year 9 and 10 in NZ :P). This can either work out in your favor, if you like or class. Or the other way around. Luckily my class is cool but mostly very different to me, this is alguds though. Also in my class is a Danish guy who went to Australia with AFS and picked up a crappy Australian accent :D So yeah i pull out the Aussie accent to talk to him aswell.
To be honest what we were told by Rasmus (at the Danish camp) was so right about Danish teenagers, they are like coconuts... (a very small amount of people will get this.... :P) but are really cool if your out-going and try to talk to them. My Danish at the moment is in an awkward stage, I can say somethings but mostly with the odd word in English, and even then I have to wait to pick my times to say something. Because I dont speak Danish too often people can become confused if i say something in Danish, thinking it must have been something in English.
My classmates can also be lol gross... but aparantly thats normal here, many jokes about dead babies spring to mind. But its really funny that when they want to insult someone they swap to english because it sounds so much more... insulting supposidly :) Everyone in the school eat together in the cafeteria with their classes, and there is a heiracy of year level in place. Except for the IB students(English speaking students) who sit alone away from everyone, which is sad. Luckily I'm not an IB student so it doesnt bother me...
Oh yeah and the girls are hot..... yeah :P

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